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Ellcon Building Contractors specialises in high-end custom builds that are inspired by cutting-edge design and delivered with exceptional workmanship.  Based on the Mornington Peninsula, we’re residential builders who bring big project dreams to life.  Whether that project is a new house build, a renovation or an extension, we’re passionate about creating bespoke, breathtaking homes that are at the forefront of building innovation.

Phil Ellison

Phil Ellison, Ellcon’s Founder and Director, is a carpenter by trade.  But carpentry is not just a trade to Phil, it’s a craft.  A craft he’s been honing since he was 18 and to this day, he is still incredibly passionate about.  Phil loves nothing more than getting on the tools to hand-craft anything from customised oak stable doors to bespoke wooden window frames and reclaimed timber trusses.  When he’s not busy on the tools, Phil manages each project from start to finish and works alongside a team of award-winning contractors.

From conception of a project through to breaking ground and handing over the keys, Phil offers valuable guidance earned from more than 25 years in the industry.  A self-confessed design-geek, Phil is passionate about combining strong design inspiration with quality materials, textures and strong lines to create an outstanding build every time.


Whether you’ve simply got an idea for your build floating around your head, have council-approved plans or are somewhere in the middle, give us a call to chat about how we can help turn your ideas into a reality.  We’ll offer honest, experienced advice and where appropriate, throw in some ideas to challenge your thinking and make sure your finished project is the absolute best it can be.


0417 572 455



We can tell you how skilled, devoted and details-focused we are…but we’d rather put you in touch with some of our past clients for a no holds barred chat.  We can also arrange for you to see some of our previous builds to see our work up close and personal.   But for now, here’s a little bit of feedback that we’re pretty proud to have received over the years:


After seeing some of your other finished projects, I understand that building wise, our project was not the most complex, intricate or biggest budget job but at no stage did I or we feel that we had anything less than your full attention, thought process or skill set.


The people that you have involved either directly or indirectly have the similar traits as your building nature and builder personality does nothing but bring out the best in the trades that work for you.


We are stoked with the out outcome and are very excited to have the whole thing complete. As you know it takes time for things to settle, gardens to replenish and that final piece of furniture to be put in place but already our minds eye has been exceeded.


Client Frankston South

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